How can GPS tracking increase productivity?

It can be extremely difficult to manage what you can't measure. BrightSky GPS hardware and software tracking solutions bring that seemingly unmeasurable task into an easily measurable reality.

Monitoring your routes

GPS tracking makes it easy to plan and schedule jobs and routes for each vehicle fast.

Provide service to recurring customers more efficiently.

Manage routes with confidence.

Bill your recurring work with 100% confidence when you're able to verify that every job was completed.

Viewing your progress

Instantly locate drivers to see how far long their route they are.

Identify potential problems early.

Make adjustments as needed to ensure work gets done.

Redistribute work to increase productivity.

Improve customer service and communication

Strengthen customer relationships by being able to provide accurate ETAs on arrival and work completion

Resolve disputes quickly by being able to verify time spent on the job

Prevent theft or misuse of vehicles and assets

Track and monitor usage for vehicles or heavy equipment.

Real time alerts sent when a vehicle or asset is in use "after hours".

Real time alerts sent when a vehicle exceeds the speed limit, excessive idle or acceleration.