GPS Tracking Software

Whether you’re an individual or a company the our solution option enables you to monitor your asset via our software in little or no time at all.

This is the effective way of monitoring your asset without the initial setup costs of server purchases and maintenance. The solution is managed and supported by us, leaving you the client to manage all the other aspects of your life and company.

The features and the functionality of the system has surpassed all other solutions provided via our competitors, as well as having a 99.9% up time.

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GPS Tracking Device Integration

BrightSky GPS is one of the world leaders in GPS Tracker integration. Currently over 700 different types of GPS tracking devices are fully compatible with our software. This includes Automobile Vehicle Locators, personal GPS trackers as well as pocket PC and cell phones with GPS function.

Running Costs

The monthly running costs of our web based GPS tracking platform, purely depends on the number of units allocated per account. For detailed information please contact one of our sales representatives.

All our clients will have direct access to updated versions and additional components. Our technical specialists will support your company from inception to celebration, to ensure customer satisfaction throughout.