Tracking Portal Features

Real time tracking

See all of your vehicles or devices, on one screen, at any time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Breadcrumb trails

Historical data as to where your vehicles or devices have been, how fast they were moving, direction of travel, etc.

Closest vehicle

Identify the closest vehicle to a location you specify. Useful for dispatching nearest vehicle to customer, customer emergencies, etc.

Find address

Look up an address. Useful for setting a point of reference or creating perimeters.

Quick route

Find the quickest route from point A to point B. Useful for routing work trucks from one job site to another.

Online controls

If your device is compatible and configured correctly, you'll be able to do things like disable the starter, lock the doors, etc. from the tracking portal without being anywhere near the vehicle.


The software will replay the movements and events of a vehicle or device as if you were watching it live.


heaps of reports available to track alerts or events like speeding and perimeter violations, idle times, battery consumption, fuel levels, and much more.

Work week

Set the hours that your vehicles should be in use. Anything outside of this time frame, the system will consider "after hours" and will notify you if you're vehicles are being used after hours.

Vehicle types

If you have multiple vehicle types in your fleet but only want to find a certain type.

User level access

Unlimited users and subusers.

Key Benefits

Vehicle Diagnostic

Connect to vehicle's engine control module (ECM) and receive information and analytic on: fuel consumption, vehicle health issues and, driver behavior with recommended actions.

Temperature Monitoring

Manage cargo temperature details and receive alerts when monitored area(s) falls outside of specified range. Ideal for business in the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Improve your business operations

Improve your business operations, meet changing priorities and customer service while gathering information from the field to improve efficiencies


Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles and out-of-route activities by using automated alerts.


Help to reduce fuel costs by reducing vehicle idling time, speeding and by improving route planning and selection.


Recover stolen vehicles and assets with real-time tracking.