About Us

BrightSky GPS

Since its founding, BrightSky GPS has worked with a wide range of companies and has grown into a complete service organisation. Sales and installation are the starting points, followed by introduction, training and optimisation. A professional helpdesk is ready to handle queries from customers and a maintenance contract and software updates are standard parts of our service.

So choosing from BrightSky GPS means choosing a partnership with a highly experienced and skilled team of professional and highly-motivated workers, from developers to helpdesk workers, instructors to programmers, and account managers to fitting specialists.

BrightSky GPS offers over 20 plus years of GPS technology , highly experienced and skilled team of professional motivated developers . Our goal is promote the latest products and customizations of applications need to stay on the cutting edge.

BrightSky GPS high security COLO location , security of all records and mirror servers 24/7 365.

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Industries that utilize GPS tracking
  • Landscaping & lawn care
  • Pest control
  • Plumbing/electrician/utility
  • Newspapers
  • Government
  • HVAC
  • Construction
  • Emergency Services
  • Vehicle Rental Agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • Towing
  • Trucking
  • Cable & telecom companies
  • Food & Beverage
Why BrightSky GPS

1 Because our simple solution's insures you full control over your valued assets as well as your employees.

2 Because our Personal Asset, AVL or Fleet management tracking system insures that work is minimised when it comes to managing your assets.

3 Because our Telematics Monitoring is nothing short of amazing, we currently offering you a have a large list of devices to suit your business or personal needs.

4 Because our Monitoring Platform, we can track down anything from measuring your temperature sensitive dangerous goods and remotely adjust its temperature if to low, right down to whether an employee is driving under the influence of alcohol and stop its car once stop and track a criminal stealing a truck with highly sensitive material witch can also cause threatening situations.

5 Because making things simple increases productivity and efficiency and that why we understand spending a whole day making sure all motorized or not motorized assets are up to date with its warrant of fitness and services can be rather boring, especially when you’ll have to follow up with the devices or personal afterwards. This is why we’ve made things easy for you and your company.

6 Because we believe and it’s well researched that a company with tracked and monitor products improve productivity and efficiency. So whether you are a private user, a small or large business, we will provide the most affordable solutions for your needs.