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Motorcycles, ATVs, Golf Carts

Treat your favorite "toys" with the respect they deserve, protect them 24x7.


Obtain valuable intel for small to large fleets. Know what, where, when and how.


Plug and play protection that offers tremendous benefits and visibility.


Protect the contents, know when doors or gates are opened, react quickly.

Fixed Assets

A/C's, Generators, and other valuable items can be guarded and tracked if stolen.


Kids, teens, the elderly. We can provide you the tools you need to make you (and them) feel safe.


Don't let your dog become a statistic. Find them quickly if they get away from you.

Ocean Going / Offshore Boats

Satellite devices allow your boat total freedom and its not as expensive as you think.

Inshore / Nearshore Boats, Jet Skis

Coastal boat? Sometimes venture offshore? We've got you covered.

BrightSky GPS

offers over 20 plus years of GPS technology, highly experienced and skilled team of professionals.

Benefits of BrightSky GPS reporting suite
  • Vehicle activity reports that give a full overview of each vehicle.
  • Detailed data including addresses, longitude, latitude, speed, direction heading, and more.
  • Export reports to .kml, excel, or even printer friendly versions.
  • Historical or current performance reports that allow you to better maintain your feet, reducing wear and tear.
  • Reports to track time spent at each location helping to reduce employee idle time and match customer invoices or records.


BrightSky GPS tracking software provides detailed reporting that contributes significantly to improved business operations.
Our reports allow you to analyze trends with driver behavior, monitor mileage and fuel consumption, excessive idling and much more.
Over 20 management reports provide fleet owners with a power tool to increase billing capture rates and reduce costs.
Ultimately we will tailor our services to meet your business needs. If there is a feature or report we are missing, or one that you think would be a benefit to your business, just reach out to us and we'll get started on implementing it.
BrightSky GPS does not sell basic, silver, and gold type tiers of service. Every service through our tracking portal is available to everyone at the same low rate, including any future additions.

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